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How to Give Patient Skincare Advice without Increasing Your Consult Times

How to Give Patient Skincare Advice without Increasing Your Consult Times

Every dermatologist knows that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” skincare regimen that can help each and every patient who walks through the door. Providing custom-tailored skincare advice is necessary to effectively treat various skin types and conditions, but this is a time-intensive process. Skin Type Solutions® can help by streamlining consultations and enhancing your patients’ experience at your office.

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What Is Skin Type Solutions Franchise Systems®?

The Skin Type Solutions® Franchise System is an educational, science-based skincare “store” that implements a simple and reliable scientific methodology to match patients to the most efficacious skincare regimen.  It has been shown to increase skincare product sales without increasing consultation times. The key to skincare sales is education.  Once patients understand the science behind why they should use certain products, they usually chose to purchase the products from their doctor to ensure quality and that they buy the correct product.

Skin Type Solutions (STS) is changing the in-office skincare retail paradigm by facilitating education and communication between doctors and their patients.  STS is a software based system designed specifically for dermatology practices.  It utilizes the Baumann Skin Typing System to diagnose patients as one of the 16 Baumann Skin Types® and then automatically matches them to an efficacious skincare regimen. Skin Type Solutions also provides dermatologists and their staff with the training necessary to prescribe effective, customized skincare regimens. The products included in the regimens have been cherry-picked from a variety of brands from around the world, and each one is independently tested and approved personally by me before being integrated into the system. Skin Type Solutions also includes proprietary products that have been developed specifically for the system, which are available exclusively through Skin Type Solutions Physician Partners.

How Does Skin Type Solutions Work?

Once a doctor is selected to join the Skin Type Solutions System, we work with the doctor to choose what skincare products they want to sell in their practice. Over 38 brands have been independently tested and “Skin Type Solutions approved” by our independent testing methods. We analyze the doctor’s practice to decide what brands and price point make the most sense for their patient population and commonly seen skin issues. Once the basic products are chosen, the doctor can buy them at a discounted price through STS.

How Do I Train My Staff to Sell Skincare?

When you become an approved Skin Type Solutions Franchise, you don’t need to worry,  I train your staff for you. I love teaching! I have spent the last 20 years training dermatology residents and aestheticians and others on skincare science. I know how to make difficult concepts easy and fun. I have a series of interactive online modules, fun games, videos and role play that will educate and energize your staff.  In addition, we offer a monthly newsletters, quarterly webinars and contests to keep your staff informed and motivated. If you want to see some of these, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How Do I Save Time With Patient Consultations?

The STS system uses a 3-5 minute automated quiz that is administered in the waiting room by the front desk receptionist. This scientifically validated questionnaire accurately diagnoses the patient’s Baumann Skin Type and gathers pertinent medical history. Because this questionnaire is tablet-based (and best administered when a patient is in the waiting room or treatment room), it does not increase time spent with the patient, and helps you gather important historical information in a timely manner. A preset skincare regimen that corresponds to the patient’s Baumann Skin type is generated by the software.  This regimen contains the brands that you have chosen to retail in your medical practice. You have the opportunity to review and edit the regimen during the patient consultation.  Once you approve the regimen and add in any prescription medications in the correct position, you can email or print the regimen for the patient. Your patient can decide which of the recommended products he or she would like to purchase from your retail boutique, which is organized according to his or her Baumann Skin Type.  They also have the option of purchasing from you on the online store at SkinTypeSolutions.com.  

What Are the Benefits?

STS can be hugely beneficial for you because the scientific system completely removes the guessing game of trying to decide which skin type the patient has.  The Baumann Skin Type is determined in the waiting room without any input or time spent by you. I personally developed and tested the regimens in my practice over the last 10 years.  They offer a much more comprehensive solution to your patients individual skincare needs because they are thought through and developed ahead of time.  Of course you have the option to edit them if you choose but this is rarely necessary because you can customize the software to your personal practice habits.  For example, if you prefer to write a prescription for tretinoin rather than sell a retinol cream, the software can be set up to add tretinoin to the regimen and even choose a brand name if you prefer. In addition to a printed regimen with clear steps to follow, the patient receives instruction sheets and educational material with the touch of a button.

The STS system helps initiate the skincare conversation with patients. The quiz ends with an educational animated video that stresses the importance of proper skincare.  It helps educate them that proper and consistent skincare is crucial for healthy skin and they should seek medical advice on skincare. Once you and your staff complete the STS training and approval process, you can be confident that you will be an expert on skincare and that you and your staff are the perfect source to give expert skincare advice to your patients. Plus- the system is fun- and patients enjoy learning their Baumann Skin type and what color it corresponds to.  The STS system comes with a colorful and engaging shelving system that transforms unused wall space in your practice into a new revenue stream and profit center independent of the time you spend with each patient. You also receive a free online store and access to staff training modules.

The Bottom Line

It can be difficult for dermatologists to increase revenue without also investing more time to examine additional patients. Skin Type Solutions helps you increase your revenue and improve patient outcomes without having to see more patients or hire more staff. Not only can the Skin Type Solutions® Franchise Program help your practice to grow by maintaining streamlined consult times, but it can also produce a completely new stream of revenue via in-house retail sales of STS-approved skincare products. Oh- and don’t forget- you can buy over 38 brands cheaper through us. Contact us at DrB@skintypesolutions.com and apply to become a STS Franchise.

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