About Us

Who we are…

Our Mission

It is our mission is to enable and empower both physicians and patients by providing a system that can improve patient outcomes and differentiate physicians’ practices. Through education, engagement, and interaction, we will enhance compliance and strengthen physician-patient relationships in order to simplify, optimize, and ultimately, revolutionize skin health.

Our Vision

Skin Type Solutions will be the best and most ethical system for physicians who want to deliver the best skincare outcomes for their patients. It will serve as a connection between physicians, staff, and their patients, fostering the kind of communication and compliance that yields greater treatment satisfaction, practice growth, and employee engagement. Knowing one’s Baumann Skin Type and corresponding products will be seen as the gold standard for skincare regimen efficacy, and the STS Mobile app as the most convenient and reliable way to access the products and information that enable each patient to look and feel their best.

Our Values

We are and will always be …

Current on cosmeceuticals, Passionate about patients and Dedicated to skin health 


Our Process

The Skin Type Solutions retail store turns unused wall space into a revenue stream and profit center.


Skin Type Solutions provides a proprietary tablet-based questionnaire that requires only three to five minutes to accurately assess a patient’s skin type.


After completing the questionnaire, the patient receives a summary of their skin type's attributes from the physician’s office or via email.


Our proprietary Skincare Management System provides office staff with information to provide the best recommendations for their patient.


A physician or staff member will customize or approve the recommended products based on the patient's skin type.


Answers to patient questions about products are easily accessible via the Skincare Management System.

CUSTOMIZATION FOR YOUR PRACTICE: We work closely with you to meet your practice’s unique needs and wants.