We provide physicians a system that improves patient outcomes while generating new revenue.

Maximize your staff’s productivity, efficiency, and engagement

while optimizing your patients’ skin health.

Skin Type Solutions is a customized skincare analysis and recommendation system to empower you – and your staff – to easily and ethically generate customized skincare regimens to achieve your patients’ ultimate skin health.

Ethical Expertise

We know that you want to give your patients the best outcomes – and that you uphold the highest ethical standards. That’s why STS is designed to support your expertise and help you guide, educate, and protect your patients.

Connected Compliance

It can be frustrating when your patients experience less-than-optimal outcomes because they fail to use – or even fill – the prescriptions you provide. STS was designed to confront this problem head-on with our proprietary software that extends your reach beyond your office.

Easy Efficiency

Running a busy practice can be stressful – we know the last thing you need is more work to do. That’s why we designed STS to be easy to integrate into your already successful practice.

Achieving Amazing Outcomes

How do our physician’s accomplish this? STS’s cloud-based software quickly identifies your patients’ skin type with a scientifically validated, 3-minute Diagnostic Questionnaire. Based on their skin type, it auto-generates a personalized regimen that’s right for them. Then, they can purchase the recommended regimen made up of a portfolio of tested and proven cosmeceutical products directly from a sleek, compact display we build for your office – or from an optional online store we design for you. Once home, the STS mobile app and website enable their compliance with education and interactive resources – and ensure they repurchase their products from you. Bring STS into your practice, and you’ll not only ethically and effectively differentiate your practice and make it more profitable. You’ll experience amazing outcomes for everyone as STS maximizes your staff’s productivity, efficiency, and engagement, and optimizes your patients’ skin health.

  • Ethical Expertise: Our validated Diagnostic Questionnaire diagnoses your patients into one of Dr. Baumann’s 16 respected and proven skin types, ensuring that you are providing them with a stringently tested, ethical protocol – totally customizable by you. Use STS’s recommendations as a starting point, and augment it with what you know to be best for each patient. Whichever regimen you prescribe, you can confidently rely on STS’s extensive clinical research and independently-approved cosmeceutical products to save you time and your patients money – and prevent them from using products that aren’t right for their skin. With STS, your patients can get the best, safest, most effective skincare treatment from the expert they already trust – you.
  • Easy Efficiency: Getting started is quick and easy. Within four weeks, we can install the STS software onto your tablets, design and deliver the sleek, compact product display – along with your selected inventory of products – and personally train you and your staff. We will also build out an online retail presence customized to your practice. And while getting going with STS is easy, you’ll find using it even easier. Our interface is user-friendly, our materials concise and easy to share, and start-up costs are low and quick to recoup. Activate your staff, engage your patients, and create a new stream of income for your practice – easily and efficiently – with STS.
  • Connected Compliance: Patient education can begin before they arrive for their appointment – and they can leave with written instructions in-hand. After your patients receive their customized regimen in your office, the STS app and website will keep them informed and on course with printable educational resources and convenient reminders. They’ll know which products to use and why, when and how to use them, and where to get more – exclusively from you. This connectivity can make a meaningful difference in your relationships with your patients. It can ensure loyalty and ongoing revenue, and best of all, it can foster the informed understanding and compliance your patients need to ensure their best skin health.



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Skin Type Solutions makes it easy for doctors to take advantage of skincare retail as a revenue stream. Our brand-agnostic, scientifically based, standardized methodology allows physicians to easily sell skincare products using an ethical protocol based on each patient’s individual skin type diagnosis. Developed by Dr. Leslie S. Baumann, Skin Type Solutions helps patients realize that dermatologists and plastic surgeons are the best source for Medical Advice on Skincare ® while providing the tools necessary to maximize sales and increase profitability.


All products and regimens in the system have been independently tested and “Skin Type Solutions Approved” by Dr. Leslie S. Baumann, an internationally renowned board-certified dermatologist and clinical research investigator. Dr. Baumann cherry-picks the best technologies and products from a variety of brands to create customized skincare regimens comprised of “hero” products for each of the 16 unique Baumann Skin Types.


Skin Type Solutions utilizes a proprietary software package that literally generates an efficacious customized skincare regimen at the touch of a button. Our comprehensive training program allows any and all staff members to recommend and sell products to patients—not just the doctor.


Dr. Baumann authored the first textbook about cosmetic dermatology in 2002, and the second edition of Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice (McGraw Hill) now ranks as the bestselling dermatology textbook in the world and has been translated into 14 languages. In 2005, Dr. Baumann authored The Skin Type Solution, a New York Times bestseller that has been published in multiple languages. The latest edition of The Skin Type Solution was published in December 2010 to coincide with the PBS special, “Skin Type Solutions with Dr. Leslie Baumann,” which began airing in late 2010. Dr. Baumann’s latest textbook, Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Ingredients (McGraw Hill) was released in November 2014. Dr. Baumann also pens a bi-monthly column in The Miami Herald and regularly contributes to magazines, trade publications and medical journals.

What are the 16 skin types

The Baumann Skin Type system identifies four key skin attributes (Dry/Oily, Sensitive/Resistant, Pigmented/Non-Pigmented and Wrinkle-Prone/Tight), resulting in 16 distinct skin types. This extensively tested and widely-accepted system has been adapted to create the Skin Type Solutions Questionnaire, which assesses a patient's Baumann Skin Type in only three to five minutes.

Product Recommendations

Skin Type Solutions provides a preset skincare regimen consisting of independently tested products that have been proven to be efficacious for each of the 16 Baumann Skin Types. The regimens can be further customized with prescription-based products, as well as in-office treatment protocols.

CUSTOMIZATION FOR YOUR PRACTICE: We work closely with you to meet your practice’s unique needs and wants.